This year we partnered with Westra Basketbollförbund to host the first edition of the Solestory Final Four. It's the Final Four for youth teams in the Western Federation in Sweden, and it took place in Kinna. We spent two great days with a ton of even better kids, coaches, referees and people around basketball. It's always a great experience to be around so many great talents and see them play when the games matter a little extra.

Speaking of referees, I got to see something I've never seen before. I've played and watched a lot of games, and this was the first time where the referees thanked the teams for a great game. After both teams thanked each other, the refs stopped them from shaking hands, to say "we want to thank all the players and coaches for a great played and coached game. It's been an honor to ref this group of young players." 

It stood out, and got me thinking. Why don't they always do that? Anyways, it was a great weekend and hope to see some of these kids years to come.