The last year or so, Puma really grew on me. At first I wasn't a fan, but the more products that passed me by for work, the more I started to like the soles. And the signature soles for Lamelo Ball isn't an exception. Even tho Melo to me is Carmelo and nobody else, I gotta admit that Lamelo Ball is one helluva baller. And with Melo more or less done now, I can accept him being the new Melo.

Last week I was doing a shoot for the Jade colorway and it was the first time I tried them on. I got a couple of pairs of the MB.01 which I liked a lot, so I was already a fan of the line. But damn, these were nice. Comfy straight out of the box, so I wore them on the bench while coaching two games this weekend. And I've never got as much compliments for a pair before. But even tho the Jade colorway is one of the best I've seen in a while, it's all about the details for me.

I love the box, that the wing is see thru. I'm not keeping too many boxes, but I got all my MB boxes for a reason. It's a detail I liked from the MB.01 too, and hopefully Puma will keep making these boxes nice.

I love the fact that it doesn't say Puma all over either, it's just a small cat on the top of the heel, and on the outsole. And the Puma Formstrip is almost hidden on the side with the wing pattern.

My favorite detail is the 1OF1 and RARE script that is meshed into the wing on the inside. On most color ways it's highlighted with a different color, and on the Jade it's in gold so it's more obvious, but if your'e not as into letters as I am, you might not see it.

Now since Melo switched numbers to 1 instead of borrowing LJ's number 2, the MB1 logo makes more sense, like his tattoo. And the 1 on the toe box looks better too. 

On the outsole they kept going with the wing pattern but while I was taking pictures the other day I noticed that they wrote 1OF1 on the outsole too. Like I said, it's all about the details to me.