The 3-peat is in the books. This is a new dynasty in Swedish basketball on the men's side. It's pretty amazing what the club has done in the last 4 years, to turn things around from almost filing for bankruptcy to winning the league. Doing once would've been enough, but to do it three years in a row, it's hard to deny that Dolphins basketball is the best in the nation.

Before the Finals started, I had just seen two of the last games in the Semis between Borås and Umeå. As Borås swept Umeå, it was clear that they were the team to beat, and I thought they'd win against either Norrköping or Jämtland. But man, was I wrong or what. It wasn't even close, to be honest. I know Borås won two games, but it wasn't near the team I saw in Umeå. In the Semis, everything ran thru Ryan Logan, and he was by far the best player on the floor. He found his teammates on every cut and handoff, and only scored when he was either open, or needed to. In the Finals, it wasn't the same flow.

When I came to Stadium Arena on Monday and sat down at the press section, I was seated next to the great Nina Baresso. We talked for maybe 15 mintues, mostly about her career, but also about our thoughts about the game. She said she'd predicted Borås to win prior to the Finals, so she said it would be good for her if Borås forced a Game 7. I told her, that when I first walked thru the tunnel, nobody on the team came over and said hi. Except Nick Spires. They were locked in, and most of them just nodded their head when we made eye contact. So I more or less knew the Dolphins were gonna close it at home.

In the Semis against Jämtland, they were up 3-1 and lost two straight games, and had to play Game 7 on the road up in Östersund. That's a hard task.And in the Finals they were once again up 3-1 and lost down in Borås to go back home 3-2. So they knew from experience how little 3-1 means and how tuff it can get real fast.

As the game started, Norrköping came out agresive and took an early lead. Borås stayed with it and as the first quarter ended it was only a 2 point lead for Norrköping. In the second quarter, things got a little more physical and Borås made som sloppy mistakes. But it was thanks to Norrköpings defense. On one possession, Logan swung the ball to the right side to an open Andreas Person who went for the shot, but the close out interrupted him as he was already air bound and had to release the ball, and to avoid Tim Schüberg stealing the ball, he chose to grab it and was called for traveling. Those small things, made it hard for Borås to get closer. But then Anton Cook went off. And McKnight made som threes, but down the stretch when Nick Spires started to make threes again, and Nathan Dawit did what he does best, it was obvious. Norrköping is the better team, and they will rise their third straight banner next season. Well, fourth actually since the wheelchair team also won the National title last weekend, and was honored at halftime.

But the highlight of the game, was before tipoff. As Monday also marked the 60th year anniversary for the club, they brought out its founder Åke Björck for a standing ovation. When he was helped back off, they rolled him by me and I saw how emotional he was. This was a big moment for the club, but also for Åke. I'm glad they got to win it in front of him, on a special date too.

As the buzzer ended, and the celebration started I saw head coach Mikko Riipinen brake out in tears. He was overwhelmed and I've never seen him show emotions like that before, he's usually very composed and keeps his feelings to himself. So I know this was special for him as well. And it's crazy to think that the 12 year old kid I once ran into at NBA store back in 2006 is now a 4-time National Champ as a coach. 

I got to see my friend Adam Ramstedt cut down the net as he won his FIFTH title. Damn Adam, save some for someone else. 

But just like last year, to see Nathan Dawit celebrate as a champion means a lot to me. Because I know how much he's been thru, with all the injuries and staying on the course to come back to the player everyone knew he was going to be from a young age. Thing is, you won't find a more humble player than Nathan.

And to see the old champions from 2018 and 2010 in the stands makes you understand what Dolphins basketball stands for. As I came in to the gym I met both Dolphins legends Mikael Lindqvist, Joakim Kjellbom and Solegend Gee Gervin. During the celebrations they all came over to congratulate Coach Mikko who they played with in his playing career.

As I drove home, I got a text from my friend about one thing they said on the broadcast. After the postgame interview with captain Tim Schüberg, they said he is on the same level as David Bergström and Fred Drains. Come on man. I like Tim a lot, I do. I think he was the biggest reason they got past Jämtland. He's amazing, and deserved a consideration for Finals MVP, which was given to Devonte Green. But you can't compare a player who was the best player on his team for 3-4 games in a playoffs run, to someone who was the best player in the country for damn near a decade. But I'm bias so what do I know.

Congrats to the Norrköping Dolphins, y'all really deserved this. No matter what level of greatness someone claims you might be on or not.