It's March, and that means one thing, and one thing only. Bragging rights.

This year is no exception, at the Soleoffice we've almost come to blows a couple of times thanks to the UNC-Duke rivalry and yesterday my friend and Storyteller Wille Berg at Purdue sent me a text asking if I've seen know his new friend, and two seconds later he sends me a picture of him holding the Big10 trophy. And Swedish sensation Pelle Larsson went full Tom Brady on Instagram after his Arizona went back-to-back in the Pac10. I hope the two former Skuru Basket teammates meet in the NCAA this year.

And with former Luleå Basket teammates Chioma and Ellen both talking about their run in the Big Dance, it's an ongoing debate about who's better and who's best.

Like every year, it's time to find out who knows best. It's time for Solebracket 23

Best bracket wins a pair of free soles. One bracket per Solemate, but of course you can enter in both the Men's and Women's challenges.

Click the link, enter your bracket and make sure you join the SOLEBRACKET 23-groups to claim your bragging rights.

Password: sole23

We got a nice selection of NCAA legends online. I mean, not too many players have had a March Madness run like these young stars.

Good luck!